About VK4NGA

My name is Glenn. First licensed in 1979 as VK4NTR. Active until 1983, took long break from the hobby returning in 2015 with call sign VK4NGA. I recently also acquired the call sign of VK4DMR.

I started building and selling MMDVM hotspots early 2019, have sold hundreds of hotspots Australia wide plus into New Zealand and Canada.

I now have diversified into PCB design/manufacturing which has culminated into fully assembled AllStar Nodes and AllStar Node kits. Next up I’m manufacturing Simplex and Duplex MMDVM hats.

I’m located in Queensland Australia on the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland area. We are surrounded by forestry and nestled in amongst the amazing Glasshouse Mountains (Google it).

November 2017 I bought my first digital radio (Icom ID-4100 D-Star) and started playing with digital voice, which I really enjoy as you’ll always find a station to chat to on the digital modes. I first started out on the traditional REF reflectors but after doing some research I discovered the X reflectors (XRF and XLX) which allowed me to talk to stations on other modes such as YSF and DMR.

My shack is mostly digital modes usually listening on VK-DMR network TG505 via VK4RNX 70cm DMR repeater at Maleny, DMR and Wires-X CQ UK, also America link. D-Star REF023/091C. Home station running a Yaesu FT-991A into a Diamond X-300 dual band vertical, a 80m Vertical based on a Station Master design, a 6m Dipole.

Connect Systems CS800D DMR into a Diamond X-30 vertical and a Icom ID-4100 D-Star into a dummy load.

Yaesu FTM100D C4FM into a diamond X-30 and connected to a laptop running Wires X software in PDN mode.

ShackSpot hotspots for D star, Fusion and P25 plus an openSpot3 for DMR Brandmeister.

Other radios are Radioddity GD77 DMR HT running open GD77 firmware, Anytone D878UV DMR HT, Retevis RT3S DMR HT, Yaesu FT2DR C4FM HT, Icom ID51A Plus 2 D-Star HT, Motorola APX6000 UHF P25 HT, Inrico S200 Network HT running through a home built DVSwitch Server plus a DuraServerAMBE server for various modes.