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This is the section I need you to complete so I can configure order. Your information is securely submitted via this page. Once I receive your order configuration details I’ll get your order underway. 73, Glenn VK4NGA.

    (DuraNode Orders Only) AllStarlink Node Number
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    (DuraNode Orders Only) AllStarlink Node Password
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    Details Required to Configure Wi-Fi in the HotSpot:
    Pi-Star software allows more than one WiFi connection, but for simplicity I'd suggest a maximum of two.

    Details Required to Configure Wi-Fi in the DuraNode:
    For DuraNode orders, Wi-Fi can only be configured by using SSH, so if you don't know what that is or aren't conversant with it then you should let me configure it for you. ONLY ONE Wi-Fi position is available on the DuraNode, so I recommend using your home Wi-Fi. If using the DuraNode on mobile/portable Wi-Fi then the best solution is to rename your mobile/portable Wi-Fi to match your home Wi-Fi, that way your node will connect without changing anything.

    Regarding Wi-Fi, unlike most gadgets that have Wi-Fi the Hotspot/Node has a limited range so your router/modem needs to be in your shack, no more than 2 metres from your hotspot. Another way around this is to use the supplied ethernet cable for a wired connection to your router or use a Wi-Fi range extender.

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