VK-OzHUB AllStar Hub 61624

The VK-OzHUB (Node number 61624) went online 16/5/2024.

At this stage this is a trial Hub.

This hub has no radio attached, think of it as similar to a “Talk Group” on DMR or a “Room” on Fusion or a “Reflector” on D-Star as it essentially is used in the same way.

The vision is for VK-OzHUB to be a meeting place for VK AllStar users, plus any amateur operator that wishes to connect. Also to have repeaters connected, including at least one international connection.

VK-OzHUB can be the place to ragchew with friends, host nets, host tech discussions, pretty much anything users wish to do.

Although I started VK-OzHUB, I don’t view it as being the owner of it, rather as the initial custodian.

The hub is currently at my QTH running on a Raspberry Pi 4B.

If it gains popularity and proves to be useful to the amateur radio community my aim is to move it from my home QTH to an external server (Cloud) at the same time adding a small admin team of like minded amateurs so it can be grown into something that is uniquely ours.

Currently the dashboard is not online but that will come with the Hub’s expansion, as will a dedicated website for the hub.

Click the link to view VK-OzHUB’s current status. http://stats.allstarlink.org/stats/61624

OzHUB Operating Etiquette:

Unlike other digital voice modes Allstar has no data transmitted via the network so make sure you announce your call sign – but not required every over.
Also please leave at least a 3 second break between overs, that will allow other stations time to jump in to the QSO.


Below is a screen grab from the dashboard, cheers Glenn VK4NGA