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DuraNode Simplex 70cm FM Node for AllStar.  This Node is a Raspberry Pi hosted AllStar RF Node using the AllStarlink network.

AllStarLink is a network of Amateur Radio repeaters, remote base stations and home nodes accessible to each other via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). It is based on the open source Asterisk PBX running the app_rpt application. App_rpt makes Asterisk a powerful system capable of controlling one or more radios. It provides linking of these radio “nodes” to other systems of similar construction anywhere in the world via VoIP.

The DuraNode is similar to the traditional “hotspot” in that it runs on a Raspberry Pi with an RF hat, and is connected to the AllStarlink network via the internet. The only difference is that the hat uses an FM radio chip, hence no need for a digital radio. It uses Hamvoip open source software.

Any FM transceiver with CTCSS that operates in the ham bands can access the node.

You can control your node 3 ways.

1) Via “Supermon” which is a dashboard that comes built into the node’s software and can come up on any web browser that on the same WiFi network as your node.

2) Via an App called Node Remote which is available on Android and iOS.

3) Via DTMF tones using your radio.

— The DuraNode:

Is built into a custom Australian made acrylic case.

Hardware is built on the Raspberry Pi 3B+ or 4B (just depends on what I can get) and the VK4NGA designed/manufactured AllStar RF FM DuraNode hat. Output power is around 400mw.

Is fully tested and it comes completely configured on the AllStar network.

Just add an internet connection via WiFi or Ethernet. PLEASE NOTE: ONLY ONE Wi-Fi position is available on the DuraNode, so please let me know on the order form.

Comes with complete comprehensive instructions, also a 240v genuine RPI power supply (tested) & Ethernet cable.

For the Linux users I’ve enabled SSH access.


I only offer support to get you “on air”. After you have achieved that my support will be limited to hardware issues.

If you need to change the Node’s basic configuration such as Wi-Fi or frequency then that can only be done via SSH, for that reason I don’t support/tutor customers on how to access SSH.

It’s up to you to join groups/forums to gain knowledge about AllStar and Hamvoip software.


You cannot buy direct from this website, if you are interested in a product please go to the contact page and send me a message with what you are after.

9 reviews for 2024 DuraNode AllStar UHF FM Node (In Stock)

  1. Daryl (verified owner)

    Great product. All required components supplied and the device firmware preloaded to your requirements. Plug and play.

  2. Nick Evans

    Excellent product and Glenn is a gentleman to deal with. I had a few connectivity issues which were totally unrelated to the node, but everything to do with me. He was determined to resolve my issues and was relentless until it worked and worked well it does.

    Please support him in his endeavors, as you will not be disappointed.

    Kind regards,

    Nick VK6NDX

  3. David Timms (verified owner)

    Excellent product Glenn, worked first time straight out of the box. Fully configured with my personal details. Thank you for your prompt and very helpful service.
    David VK3GP

  4. Geoff Milner

    I cannot recommend the products Glenn has highly enough the Allstar node was my 6th purchase from him and each and every time the experience has been exceptional from the plug and play to the communication,and service he provides. I can recommend Glenn and his products to anyone.

    Have fun
    Geoff VK3MGM

  5. greg

    i purchased on of these last year , as always i was impressed by the workmanship and quality of the node.
    it opened up another facet of this great hobby
    without the hassles of trying to setup by myself

  6. Simon Templar (verified owner)

    Glenn has not only provided a product that just works out of the box but also perfect user experience.

    During this process, Glenn has your undivided attention and steps you through the purchase process to ensure you select the right frequency and other options, through to dispatch , delivery and first time setup.

    This user experience makes the purchase such a delight and I highly recommend Glenn and his product.

    Simon, VK3XEM

  7. Ralf Finke

    It could not have been easier, Glenn done all the hard work so it was simply plug and play. And play I did. I’ve had the unit two months now and it has openned up another world of amateur radio. This is the third item that I have purchased from Glenn over the past three years and all have been faultless. Keep up the good work Glenn, look forward to catching up at the local Ham Fests. I can fully recommend this service. – Regards Ralf VK4GCR

  8. Robert (verified owner)

    From the moment I placed my order to the day I received my node Glenn has been helpful and communicative.

    The node was delivered to me well packaged and within one week of my order. I plugged the node in and it worked right away, truly plug and play.

    This is a great product and I will order from Glenn again.

    Thanks! Robert VK3GOD Maldon Victoria.

  9. Shane Gannon (verified owner)

    Excellent bit of kit.

    Incredibly well built, packaged and put together. My experience from purchasing to delivery (For me was 2 or 3 days I think) and finally plugging in and getting on air was seamless.

    Very thorough instructions included too to help you get on air

    Icing on the cake was also getting to have a quick QSO with Glenn on Hubnet (not part of the package 😁)

    Highly recommend this item if you want to dabble with Allstar and just want a turn key solution as I did. He obviously has other options if you want to build and tinker.

    As others mentioned this has also opened up another part of the hobby that I didn’t know much about and glad I found it

    Thanks again Glenn. Absolute pleasure to deal with.



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