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DuraNode Simplex 2m FM Allstar Node hat kit for AllStar. This RF hat kit is to enable you to build a Raspberry Pi hosted AllStar RF Node using the AllStarlink network.

This hat uses a NiceRF SA818S embedded VHF 144-148 MHz MHz radio module. Uses the Cmedia CM108B USB audio IC. The hat is fully assembled, no soldering needed on the hat. This RF hat has a 40 pin Raspberry Pi header so it fits the Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+ or 4B series. Three LED’s indicate the connection status – Blinking green = Comms, Amber – COS = RX  and Blue – PTT. The DuraNode Hat RF output power is around 400 milliwatts.

Kit contents:

1 x Genuine VK4NGA DuraNode VHF FM RF Hat – Programmed (and tested) with a default frequency of 145.350MHz with a 91.5 CTCSS tone – these parameters can be changed by you.

1 x USB to Hat connector cable to connect the hat to the Raspberry Pi – goes between the PCB’s and is soldered to the underside of the Pi.

1x Antenna.

Photo show this kit as it comes.

Assembly Skill Level: Intermediate – only 2 solder joints required on the bottom of the Raspberry Pi board, plus PCB to Raspberry Pi assembly.

Computer Skill Level: Advanced – SSH ACCESS IS HOW YOU CONFIGURE Hamvoip or ASL software.

The kit comes with complete with online instructions.

What you’ll need to supply to build a node:

A Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+ or 4B 1gb – will not work with the Zero.

A Heatsink for the Raspberry Pi processor.

A quality class 10 Micro SD card, 16 or 32GB.

A 240v 2amp power supply.

A case – add a DuraNode Custom Case Kit to your cart for $55 and you’ll pay no extra postage.


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