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DuraSpot 2 – comes standard with an internal antenna. Redesigned case for a streamlined look. Simplex 70cm hotspot – perfect for mobile/portable/shack operation. Can be tethered to a phone or 4G modem for internet connection, or connected to your home Wi Fi. With Australian made clear acrylic case which gives the hotspot ultimate protection and natural cooling. Small form factor – length is 73mm, height is 38mm with a easy to read larger white on black background 1.3″ Oled screen.

Is fully tested and it comes completely configured on the modes of your choice. Perfect for DMR, Fusion, P25 and D-Star as well. Running open source Pi-Star 4.2.1 software. Just add an internet connection via WiFi or Ethernet.

Cross-Mode capable: DMR to YSF, DMR to NXDN, YSF to DMR, YSF to P25, YSF to NXDN.

Comes with complete comprehensive instructions with links to videos, also a 240v power supply plus an Ethernet adapter and Ethernet cable.

And of course email/phone support to get you on air.


You cannot buy direct from this website, if you are interested in a product please go to the contact page and send me a message with what you are after.

6 reviews for 2024 DuraSpot 2 – Simplex (In Stock)

  1. Mike

    I bought my Duraspot 2 with an internal antenna from Glenn and love it. The acrylic case makes it look really nice and looks elegant 🙂

  2. Stephen Page (verified owner)

    Tuesday 27th Feb 2024
    3 working days ago I ordered a DuraSpot 2 Simplex from Queensland.
    The unit arrived today here in South Australia and was operational immediately.
    The unit is professionally built.
    Glenn set up the frequency, my call sign and network parameters which was greatly appreciated! Well done
    Thank you

  3. Ian

    Awesome product. Glenn fully set up the unit prior to shipping. Plug and play setup upon receipt of the unit.

    Very well built units.

  4. Michael Ryan (verified owner)

    Great unit. Was delivered quickly.
    Unit was setup well so was just plug and play – no issues

  5. Bree

    I have purchased numerous Pi-MMDVM products from Glenn over the years and have had a lot of engaging phone conversations with him about the products (and other non-amateur related topics as well!). Every unit I’ve purchased has been professionally built, rock solid in construction, delivered promptly and they are very beautiful units as well. He pre-configures all units so that they are essentially plug-and-play right out of the box. Glenn is exceptionally knowledgeable and it’s been fantastic being able to pick his brain on Pi-star related topics. His service has always been prompt and professional. He is definitely the go-to man for digital voice products in Australia .

  6. greg

    I have purchased a number of these units to have in the shack and mobile use
    Glenn makes it easy by means of setting everything up and supplies easy to follow instructions to get you on air with minimum fuss
    and also offers great after sales help
    and swift deliveries

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