DuraSpot 3 Due For Release 2024


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*COMING in 2024*

DuraSpot 3 – Will be available in Simplex or Duplex. 70cm hotspot. Designed for the shack or portable, perfect for DMR, Fusion, P25 and D-Star, 3.5″ full colour touch screen. You can restart and power the hotspot down via the scrren. Has internal antenna/s.

Built into a very durable acrylic case.

Fast processor, built on the Raspberry Pi 3B+ mainboard. 2.4ghz & 5ghz WiFi, Ethernet port, USB ports (D-Star users can use Terminal Mode via this hotspot). Hardware is fully tested and it comes completely configured on the modes of your choice. Running the newly released Pi-Star 4.1.6 software. Just add an internet connection via WiFi or Ethernet.

Cross-Mode capable: DMR to YSF, DMR to NXDN, YSF to DMR, YSF to P25, YSF to NXDN.

Comes with a 240v 2.5a power supply and an Ethernet cable. Also comes with complete comprehensive instructions with links to videos. And of course email/phone support.

This product is in the build stage, stock available sometime early 2024, the photo is of the pre-production model.

Keep an eye on my Facebook page for updates.



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